Aciclean VK39 1x20L - Kwasowy preparat do mycia form, bezpieczny dla metali lekkich

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Aciclean is an acidic detergent designed for effective cleaning in the food, beverage and dairy industries.     • Aciclean is a concentrated acidic cleaner which also contains a blend of moderately foaming wetting agents and emulsifiers. • Aciclean is effective for the removal of grease and fat
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Aciclean is an acidic detergent designed for effective cleaning in the food, beverage and dairy industries. 
 • Aciclean is a concentrated acidic cleaner which also contains a blend of moderately foaming wetting agents and emulsifiers.
• Aciclean is effective for the removal of grease and fat based soils such as those found in the dairy, meat and poultry industries. It is especially suitable for cleaning aluminium ham moulds and sausage sticks.
• Aciclean is suitable for manual and soak tank application. 
 Efficient cleaner. Safe for use on aluminium. Free rinsing

• Aciclean is a concentrated acidic cleaner which also contains a blend of moderately foaming wetting agents and emulsifiers. • Aciclean is effective for the removal of grease and fat based soils such as those found in the dairy, meat and poultry industries. It is especially suitable for cleaning aluminium ham moulds and sausage sticks. • Aciclean is suitable for manual and soak tank application.

Efficient cleaner. Safe for use on aluminium. Free rinsing
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