Super Dilac VA4 1x200L - Kwasowy preparat do mycia i odkamieniania w układach CIP

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Super Dilac is a low foaming, high active, non-fuming nitric/phosphoric acid detergent descaler for use in a wide range of CIP applications in the food and beverage industry.     • Super Dilac is highly effective at removing inorganic scale deposits, including calcium oxalate (beerstone). • Super
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Super Dilac is a low foaming, high active, non-fuming nitric/phosphoric acid detergent descaler for use in a wide range of CIP applications in the food and beverage industry. 
 • Super Dilac is highly effective at removing inorganic scale deposits, including calcium oxalate (beerstone).
• Super Dilac is low foaming and suitable for use in CIP applications under conditions of high pressure and turbulence.
• Super Dilac is highly economical at in use concentrations.
• Super Dilac is a conductive liquid detergent and suitable for automatic dosing and control.
 Highly effective in removing most inorganic scale deposits, improving operational efficiency. Can be used for the passivation of new stainless steel CIP and bottlewashing installations. Suitable for automatic dosing and control by conductivity, ensuring consistent delivery of product.

• Super Dilac is highly effective at removing inorganic scale deposits, including calcium oxalate (beerstone). • Super Dilac is low foaming and suitable for use in CIP applications under conditions of high pressure and turbulence. • Super Dilac is highly economical at in use concentrations. • Super Dilac is a conductive liquid detergent and suitable for automatic dosing and control.
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