Highstar VC77 1x900L - Alkaliczny, niepieniący preparat do mycia w układach CIP, o obniżonej temperaturze krystalizacji

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Highstar is a low freezing, defoamed, heavy duty liquid caustic detergent for CIP, bottlewashing & other spray washing applications.     • Highstar is a low freezing, defoamed, caustic liquid detergent suitable for soft water use. • Highstar is highly effective at removing a wide range of organic
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Highstar is a low freezing, defoamed, heavy duty liquid caustic detergent for CIP, bottlewashing & other spray washing applications. 
 • Highstar is a low freezing, defoamed, caustic liquid detergent suitable for soft water use.
• Highstar is highly effective at removing a wide range of organic soils and controlling problematic foam.
• Highstar has a lower freezing point/solidification temperature compared to many highly caustic detergents.
• Highstar can be used for a wide range of applications including bottlewashing, CIP and spray washing.
• Highstar is also suitable for the removal of fats and oils in processed food CIP, tray, crate and mould cleaning applications.
 Suitable for automatic dosing and control by conductivity ensuring consistent delivery of product. Assists detergency in bottlewashing applications, ensuring product integrity and reduced reject rates. Foam control enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of cleaning operations, improving productivity and quality. Lagging or trace heating may not be required (dependant on country of use and site conditions), saving equipment costs.

• Highstar is a low freezing, defoamed, caustic liquid detergent suitable for soft water use. • Highstar is highly effective at removing a wide range of organic soils and controlling problematic foam. • Highstar has a lower freezing point/solidification temperature compared to many highly caustic detergents. • Highstar can be used for a wide range of applications including bottlewashing, CIP and spray washing. • Highstar is also suitable for the removal of fats and oils in processed food CIP, tray, crate and mould cleaning applications.

Suitable for automatic dosing and control by conductivity ensuring consistent delivery of product. Assists detergency in bottlewashing applications, ensuring product integrity and reduced reject rates. Foam control enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of cleaning operations, improving productivity and quality. Lagging or trace heating may not be required (dependant on country of use and site conditions), saving equipment costs.
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