Intellidose Kit For swingo 1x1szt. - system IntelliDose do maszyn TASKI swingo 755 / 855 / 1255

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From the leading expert in superior, sustainable performance, TASKI IntelliDose is a chemical dilution system for scrubber driers that will help you achieve consistently high cleaning results, control your costs and simplify your machine operation.     Dilution control for scrubber drier. Uses TASKI
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From the leading expert in superior, sustainable performance, TASKI IntelliDose is a chemical dilution system for scrubber driers that will help you achieve consistently high cleaning results, control your costs and simplify your machine operation. 
 Dilution control for scrubber drier.
Uses TASKI IntelliDose chemicals. 
 • Consistency and quality of cleaning result
• Cost control
• Simplicity and safety
• Environmental benefits

Dilution control for scrubber drier. Uses TASKI IntelliDose chemicals.

• Consistency and quality of cleaning result • Cost control • Simplicity and safety • Environmental benefits
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