TASKI 3M Pad Blue 1x5szt. - 17" / 43 cm - Niebieski - TASKI 3M pady czyszczące 17'' (43 cm) niebieskie 5 szt.

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Maintains excellent durability through the lifetime of the pad, thus reducing costs. Pads leave a clean and dust-free surface, thus reducing opportunity for slips and trips. Can be used just with water, thus reducing need for chemicals (although chemical is needed on certain high traffic areas and
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Maintains excellent durability through the lifetime of the pad, thus reducing costs.
Pads leave a clean and dust-free surface, thus reducing opportunity for slips and trips.
Can be used just with water, thus reducing need for chemicals (although chemical is needed on certain high traffic areas and stubborn marks).

Maintains excellent durability through the lifetime of the pad, thus reducing costs. Pads leave a clean and dust-free surface, thus reducing opportunity for slips and trips. Can be used just with water, thus reducing need for chemicals (although chemical is needed on certain high traffic areas and stubborn marks).
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