Easyfoam VF32 1x20L

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Easyfoam is a high foaming, chlorinated liquid detergent designed for general purpose cleaning in the food, beverage and dairy industries.     • Easyfoam contains a blend of caustic alkali, hypochlorite and a high foaming wetting agent/emulsifier. It is effective for the removal of most food soils
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Easyfoam is a high foaming, chlorinated liquid detergent designed for general purpose cleaning in the food, beverage and dairy industries. 
 • Easyfoam contains a blend of caustic alkali, hypochlorite and a high foaming wetting agent/emulsifier. It is effective for the removal of most food soils including animal and vegetable fats, blood and proteins. In addition, the presence of hypochlorite assists removal of organic and vegetable-based stains and helps to prevent build-up of ‘protein film’ deposits.
• Easyfoam is recommended for daily cleaning in vegetable processing, canning, wine and soft drink production. It is also suitable for use in abattoirs, poultry processors and the fish industry. It can be used for cleaning floors, walls, cutting tables, packing conveyors and other processing equipment.
• Easyfoam is suitable for use with a wide range of foam application equipment.
 Cost-effective cleaner. Effective on most types of food soiling. Assists stain removal. Free rinsing

• Easyfoam contains a blend of caustic alkali, hypochlorite and a high foaming wetting agent/emulsifier. It is effective for the removal of most food soils including animal and vegetable fats, blood and proteins. In addition, the presence of hypochlorite assists removal of organic and vegetable-based stains and helps to prevent build-up of ‘protein film’ deposits. • Easyfoam is recommended for daily cleaning in vegetable processing, canning, wine and soft drink production. It is also suitable for use in abattoirs, poultry processors and the fish industry. It can be used for cleaning floors, walls, cutting tables, packing conveyors and other processing equipment. • Easyfoam is suitable for use with a wide range of foam application equipment.
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