Dry Tech 1/C VL117 1x20L - Preparat smarujący przenośniki taśmowe w technologii suchego smarowania, przeznaczony do opakowań stosowanych w przemyśle spożywczym i napojowym

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Dry Tech 1/C is a silicone based conveyor lubricant for food and beverage containers. Dry Tech 1/C has been developed for use as a concentrate (no water dilution required) and is suitable for carton, cans and PET lines.     • Dry Tech 1/C is a silicone based liquid lubricant developed for use as a
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Dry Tech 1/C is a silicone based conveyor lubricant for food and beverage containers. Dry Tech 1/C has been developed for use as a concentrate (no water dilution required) and is suitable for carton, cans and PET lines. 
 • Dry Tech 1/C is a silicone based liquid lubricant developed for use as a concentrate (no water dilution required) for the conveyance of food and beverage containers, it being particularly suitable for cartons on plastic conveyors
• Dry Tech 1/C provides excellent lubrication, even for demanding packaging such as slim cartons (small base to height ratio), reducing friction between package and conveyor belt.
• Dry Tech 1/C has been developed to be safe on carton pigment and its polyethylene coating.
• Dry Tech 1/C does not foam, reducing the risk of problematic build on the conveyor, drip trays and floor.
• Dry Tech 1/C is used at low levels as a concentrate, reducing water usage and effluent discharge volumes.
• Dry Tech 1/C allows conveyors to run dry, reducing the risk of fouling and operator infection from water borne micro-organisms.
 Provides highly effective lubrication, ensuring production line efficiency is maintained. Reduces the risk of damage to carton pigments, polyethylene coating and the base of the carton, safeguarding brand image and package integrity. Improves operator safety by minimising the risk from slippery floors. Reduces the risk of fouling and infection from water borne micro-organisms, improving operator working conditions and safety. Minimises water usage & effluent discharge volumes, reducing costs and environment impact.

• Dry Tech 1/C is a silicone based liquid lubricant developed for use as a concentrate (no water dilution required) for the conveyance of food and beverage containers, it being particularly suitable for cartons on plastic conveyors • Dry Tech 1/C provides excellent lubrication, even for demanding packaging such as slim cartons (small base to height ratio), reducing friction between package and conveyor belt. • Dry Tech 1/C has been developed to be safe on carton pigment and its polyethylene coating. • Dry Tech 1/C does not foam, reducing the risk of problematic build on the conveyor, drip trays and floor. • Dry Tech 1/C is used at low levels as a concentrate, reducing water usage and effluent discharge volumes. • Dry Tech 1/C allows conveyors to run dry, reducing the risk of fouling and operator infection from water borne micro-organisms.

Provides highly effective lubrication, ensuring production line efficiency is maintained. Reduces the risk of damage to carton pigments, polyethylene coating and the base of the carton, safeguarding brand image and package integrity. Improves operator safety by minimising the risk from slippery floors. Reduces the risk of fouling and infection from water borne micro-organisms, improving operator working conditions and safety. Minimises water usage & effluent discharge volumes, reducing costs and environment impact.
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