Divoflow NBE VC156 1x20L - Alkaliczny, niepieniący preparat do jednostopniowego mycia w układach obiegowych CIP

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Divoflow NBE is a hard water tolerant, defoamed liquid caustic based detergent for dairy heat treated surface CIP for use in recovery CIP applications. Divoflow NBE is a low foaming detergent, suitable for CIP and spray washing applications. Divoflow NBE can be used for a wide range of applications
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Divoflow NBE is a hard water tolerant, defoamed liquid caustic based detergent for dairy heat treated surface CIP for use in recovery CIP applications. Divoflow NBE is a low foaming detergent, suitable for CIP and spray washing applications. Divoflow NBE can be used for a wide range of applications across F&B industry. 
 • Divoflow NBE is highly effective in single stage recovery cleaning of HTST’s and evaporators in hard water and, in the presence of very high levels of proteins and calcium soiling.
• Divoflow NBE offers the lowest cost in use for the very high soil levels found on heat treated surfaces.
• Divoflow NBE can be used to clean HTST and homogenisers used in ice cream manufacture.
• Divoflow NBE is low foaming suitable for CIP systems under conditions of high turbulence.
• Divoflow NBE is suitable for automatic dosing and control by conductivity.
 Enhances effectiveness of cleaning operations, improving productivity, quality and cost in use. Hard water tolerant, which keeps equipment scale free. Suitable for automatic dosing and control by conductivity ensuring consistent delivery of product. Low foaming suitable for use in CIP systems under conditions of high turbulence.

• Divoflow NBE is highly effective in single stage recovery cleaning of HTST’s and evaporators in hard water and, in the presence of very high levels of proteins and calcium soiling. • Divoflow NBE offers the lowest cost in use for the very high soil levels found on heat treated surfaces. • Divoflow NBE can be used to clean HTST and homogenisers used in ice cream manufacture. • Divoflow NBE is low foaming suitable for CIP systems under conditions of high turbulence. • Divoflow NBE is suitable for automatic dosing and control by conductivity.
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