Divo LE VB92 1x200L - Dodatek do stref płuczących myjek butelek

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Divo LE is a highly concentrated liquid additive that has been developed to improve bottle rinsing effectiveness during washing operations.     • Divo LE is a highly concentrated liquid additive. • Divo LE enhances bottle rinsing effectiveness to remove residual soil, detergent and other caustic
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Divo LE is a highly concentrated liquid additive that has been developed to improve bottle rinsing effectiveness during washing operations. 
 • Divo LE is a highly concentrated liquid additive.
• Divo LE enhances bottle rinsing effectiveness to remove residual soil, detergent and other caustic carryover components (hydroxide, carbonate, oxides, etc).
• Divo LE assists the removal of date stamps and rust ring.
• Divo LE inhibits scale deposition and build-up.
• Divo LE assists free rinsing and helps prevent spotting on bottles caused by water hardness and other deposits.
 Provides package integrity and beverage quality assurance during the washing process. Improves bottle appearance and brand image. Prevents nozzle blockage caused by water hardness scale, improving operational efficiency and effectiveness. Maintenance frequency, time and associated costs can also be reduced. Suitable for automatic dosing and control, ensuring effective product use (safety, economy and performance).

• Divo LE is a highly concentrated liquid additive. • Divo LE enhances bottle rinsing effectiveness to remove residual soil, detergent and other caustic carryover components (hydroxide, carbonate, oxides, etc). • Divo LE assists the removal of date stamps and rust ring. • Divo LE inhibits scale deposition and build-up. • Divo LE assists free rinsing and helps prevent spotting on bottles caused by water hardness and other deposits.
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