Diverspray VC13 1x900L - Silnie alkaliczny preparat myjący do układów obiegowych CIP

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Diverspray is a heavy duty, soft water tolerant, low foaming liquid caustic detergent for dairy CIP. Diverspray can be used for a wide range of applications throughout the food & beverage industries.     • Diverspray is a highly caustic liquid low foaming CIP detergent suitable for soft water. •
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Diverspray is a heavy duty, soft water tolerant, low foaming liquid caustic detergent for dairy CIP. Diverspray can be used for a wide range of applications throughout the food & beverage industries. 
 • Diverspray is a highly caustic liquid low foaming CIP detergent suitable for soft water.
• Diverspray is highly effective at removing a wide range of organic soils and preventing scale build up.
• Diverspray can be used for dairy CIP two stage cleaning when followed by an acid.
• Diverspray provides a high source of alkalinity.
• Diverspray is low foaming and suitable for use in CIP applications under conditions of high pressure and turbulence.
• Diverspray is suitable for automatic dosing and control by conductivity.
 Gives highly cost effective cleaning performance. Assists detergency in dairy CIP applications, ensuring product integrity. Enhances effectiveness of cleaning operations, improving productivity and quality. Single blended product, reducing application complexity. Suitable for automatic dosing and control by conductivity, ensuring constant delivery of product and reproducible cleaning results. Low foaming and suitable for use in CIP applications under conditions of high pressure and turbulence improving operational efficiency.

• Diverspray is a highly caustic liquid low foaming CIP detergent suitable for soft water. • Diverspray is highly effective at removing a wide range of organic soils and preventing scale build up. • Diverspray can be used for dairy CIP two stage cleaning when followed by an acid. • Diverspray provides a high source of alkalinity. • Diverspray is low foaming and suitable for use in CIP applications under conditions of high pressure and turbulence. • Diverspray is suitable for automatic dosing and control by conductivity.

Gives highly cost effective cleaning performance. Assists detergency in dairy CIP applications, ensuring product integrity. Enhances effectiveness of cleaning operations, improving productivity and quality. Single blended product, reducing application complexity. Suitable for automatic dosing and control by conductivity, ensuring constant delivery of product and reproducible cleaning results. Low foaming and suitable for use in CIP applications under conditions of high pressure and turbulence improving operational efficiency.
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