Dicolube HCS VL70 1x200L

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Dicolube HCS is a fatty amine/carboxylic acid based track treatment for the conveyance of food and beverage containers, including glass and PET bottles, cans, kegs and cartons, on steel & plastic conveyors.     • Dicolube HCS is a fatty amine/carboxylic acid based liquid track treatment providing
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Dicolube HCS is a fatty amine/carboxylic acid based track treatment for the conveyance of food and beverage containers, including glass and PET bottles, cans, kegs and cartons, on steel & plastic conveyors. 
 • Dicolube HCS is a fatty amine/carboxylic acid based liquid track treatment providing lubrication for the conveyance of a wide range of food and beverage containers on plastic and steel conveyors including glass and PET bottles, cans, kegs and cartons.
• Dicolube HCS has been developed for use with PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles, reducing the risk of stress cracking.
• Dicolube HCS is compatible with a wide range of water chemistries including those that prove problematic to many other fatty amine based technologies.
• Dicolube HCS is moderate foaming at optimal use concentrations which reduces the risk of problematic build up on the conveyor, drip trays and floor, whilst providing enhanced conveyor coverage (foam assisted).
• Dicolube HCS is suitable for use in soft and hard water conditions.
 Provides effective lubrication for food and beverage containers, ensuring line efficiency is maintained. Helps prevent wearing of bearings and shearing of pins, thus reducing maintenance costs. Used at a high dilution to give an effective and economical ‘in-use’ concentration. Reduces the risk of stress cracking and leakage with PET bottles enhancing brand integrity. Preventing fouling in the distribution pipe work helps ensure operational efficiency and reduce maintenance requirements. Moderate foaming characteristics give reduced operational problems and improved operator safety, the latter by minimising the risk from slippery floors, whilst providing effective coverage and lubrication on demanding lines to maintain production efficiency. Suitable for use in hard water conditions eliminating the need for softener installation and maintenance.

• Dicolube HCS is a fatty amine/carboxylic acid based liquid track treatment providing lubrication for the conveyance of a wide range of food and beverage containers on plastic and steel conveyors including glass and PET bottles, cans, kegs and cartons. • Dicolube HCS has been developed for use with PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles, reducing the risk of stress cracking. • Dicolube HCS is compatible with a wide range of water chemistries including those that prove problematic to many other fatty amine based technologies. • Dicolube HCS is moderate foaming at optimal use concentrations which reduces the risk of problematic build up on the conveyor, drip trays and floor, whilst providing enhanced conveyor coverage (foam assisted). • Dicolube HCS is suitable for use in soft and hard water conditions.

Provides effective lubrication for food and beverage containers, ensuring line efficiency is maintained. Helps prevent wearing of bearings and shearing of pins, thus reducing maintenance costs. Used at a high dilution to give an effective and economical ‘in-use’ concentration. Reduces the risk of stress cracking and leakage with PET bottles enhancing brand integrity. Preventing fouling in the distribution pipe work helps ensure operational efficiency and reduce maintenance requirements. Moderate foaming characteristics give reduced operational problems and improved operator safety, the latter by minimising the risk from slippery floors, whilst providing effective coverage and lubrication on demanding lines to maintain production efficiency. Suitable for use in hard water conditions eliminating the need for softener installation and maintenance.
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