Delladet VS2 1x20L - Preparat myjąco-dezynfekcyjny na bazie związków powierzchniowo czynnych. Posiada właściwości bakteriobójcze i grzybobójcze

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Delladet is a concentrated detergent with disinfectant properties, specially formulated for open plant cleaning applications in the food, beverage and dairy industries.     • Delladet contains a blend of high foaming surfactant, sequestrant and alkaline builders. Disinfecting properties are provided
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Delladet is a concentrated detergent with disinfectant properties, specially formulated for open plant cleaning applications in the food, beverage and dairy industries. 
 • Delladet contains a blend of high foaming surfactant, sequestrant and alkaline builders. Disinfecting properties are provided by the incorporation of quaternary ammonium compound (QAC). This combination of ingredients provides highly effective soil removal and disinfectant action against most vegetative forms of micro-organisms including gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and yeasts.
• Delladet is recommended for single-stage cleaning and disinfecting of floors, walls, utensils, equipment and other food contact surfaces and is suitable for use in meat and poultry processors, snack foods, dairies, beverage plants and most other types of food processing operations.
• Delladet can be used manually and by soak or spray application. Its foaming properties also make it possible to use with suitable foam application equipment.

• Delladet contains a blend of high foaming surfactant, sequestrant and alkaline builders. Disinfecting properties are provided by the incorporation of quaternary ammonium compound (QAC). This combination of ingredients provides highly effective soil removal and disinfectant action against most vegetative forms of micro-organisms including gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and yeasts. • Delladet is recommended for single-stage cleaning and disinfecting of floors, walls, utensils, equipment and other food contact surfaces and is suitable for use in meat and poultry processors, snack foods, dairies, beverage plants and most other types of food processing operations. • Delladet can be used manually and by soak or spray application. Its foaming properties also make it possible to use with suitable foam application equipment.
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