Brightwash VB14 1x20L

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Brightwash is a concentrated, heavy duty detergent containing a powerful blend of sequestrants and surfactant based defoamers. Brightwash is used as a bottlewashing primary additive to caustic for cleaning glass, refillable PET and PEN bottles and is particularly effective at removing very tenacious
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Brightwash is a concentrated, heavy duty detergent containing a powerful blend of sequestrants and surfactant based defoamers. Brightwash is used as a bottlewashing primary additive to caustic for cleaning glass, refillable PET and PEN bottles and is particularly effective at removing very tenacious soils. Brightwash is also used as an additive to caustic for a wide range of CIP applications within the pharmaceutical, food, dairy and beverage industries. 
 • Brightwash is a highly concentrated liquid bottlewashing additive suitable for glass, refillable PET and PEN bottles.
• Brightwash has been developed for use with refillable PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles, reducing the risk of stress cracking.
• Brightwash provides enhanced detergency for the removal of labels, glue and very tenacious organic soils.
 Suitable for automatic dosing and control, ensuring effective product use for economy and performance. Reduces the risk of stress cracking with refillable PET bottles, ensuring bottle integrity. Inhibits scale build up and prevents nozzle blockage, improving operational efficiency and effectiveness. Maintenance frequency, time and associated costs can also be reduced. Significantly enhances detergency and label removal in bottlewashing, ensuring effective cleaning and giving reduced reject rates. Aids free rinsing, reducing caustic carryover and the risk of carbonate blooming.

• Brightwash is a highly concentrated liquid bottlewashing additive suitable for glass, refillable PET and PEN bottles. • Brightwash has been developed for use with refillable PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles, reducing the risk of stress cracking. • Brightwash provides enhanced detergency for the removal of labels, glue and very tenacious organic soils.

Suitable for automatic dosing and control, ensuring effective product use for economy and performance. Reduces the risk of stress cracking with refillable PET bottles, ensuring bottle integrity. Inhibits scale build up and prevents nozzle blockage, improving operational efficiency and effectiveness. Maintenance frequency, time and associated costs can also be reduced. Significantly enhances detergency and label removal in bottlewashing, ensuring effective cleaning and giving reduced reject rates. Aids free rinsing, reducing caustic carryover and the risk of carbonate blooming.
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