Acifoam VF10 1x20L - Kwasowy preparat do mycia pianowego

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Acifoam is an acidic based foam cleaner designed for daily and periodic application in the food, beverage and dairy industries.     • Acifoam is an acidic foam cleaner based on inorganic acid and a blend of high foaming wetting agents/emulsifiers. It is specially formulated for the removal of water
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Acifoam is an acidic based foam cleaner designed for daily and periodic application in the food, beverage and dairy industries. 
 • Acifoam is an acidic foam cleaner based on inorganic acid and a blend of high foaming wetting agents/emulsifiers. It is specially formulated for the removal of water hardness scale and other mineral deposits from food processing equipment and plant.
• Acifoam is recommended for the periodic cleaning and descaling of high temperature processing equipment, such as cooking vessels, and also the exteriors of filler equipment, storage tanks, conveyors etc. It is also effective for daily application to break down protein deposits in the fishing industry.
• Acifoam is suitable for use with a wide range of foam application equipment
 Effective scale remover. Foam application extends contact time with vertical surfaces. Suitable for use on aluminium. Free-rinsing

• Acifoam is an acidic foam cleaner based on inorganic acid and a blend of high foaming wetting agents/emulsifiers. It is specially formulated for the removal of water hardness scale and other mineral deposits from food processing equipment and plant. • Acifoam is recommended for the periodic cleaning and descaling of high temperature processing equipment, such as cooking vessels, and also the exteriors of filler equipment, storage tanks, conveyors etc. It is also effective for daily application to break down protein deposits in the fishing industry. • Acifoam is suitable for use with a wide range of foam application equipment

Effective scale remover. Foam application extends contact time with vertical surfaces. Suitable for use on aluminium. Free-rinsing
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