TASKI Jontec Technique F2h 2x5L - Floor sealer

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Semi permanent floor sealer for the basic treatment of most types of porous hard floors. Specific polymers used in the product fill the pores, facilitate adhesion and help reduce the consumption of further coats of floor emulsion. By ensuring the proper adhesion, subsequent floor emulsions will show
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Semi permanent floor sealer for the basic treatment of most types of porous hard floors. Specific polymers used in the product fill the pores, facilitate adhesion and help reduce the consumption of further coats of floor emulsion. By ensuring the proper adhesion, subsequent floor emulsions will show greater durability. 
  • Facilitates adhesion
  • Semi permanent layer
  • Fills the pores
  • Reduces the consumption of the floor emulsion on top

  • Ideal to use on most problematic material, floors and surfaces
  • Conventional floor emulsions can be selectively removed without affecting the sealer
  • Prepares the floor to ease the application of floor emulsions on porous or damaged floors
  • Allows savings on application of floor emulsion
  • Suitable for traditional applications with a flat mop, mop and bucket or standard polish applicators

  • Facilitates adhesion
  • Semi permanent layer
  • Fills the pores
  • Reduces the consumption of the floor emulsion on top

Ideal to use on most problematic material, floors and surfaces. Conventional floor emulsions can be selectively removed without affecting the sealer. Prepares the floor to ease the application of floor emulsions on porous or damaged floors. Allows savings on application of floor emulsion. Suitable for traditional applications with a flat mop, mop and bucket or standard polish applicators.
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