TASKI Jontec Plaza F2i 2x5L - Sealer / high gloss emulsion for stone floors

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Premium high gloss emulsion specially designed to coat stone, terrazzo, unglazed ceramic floors and marble. The product delivers excellent adhesion on most stone types, therefore no additional sealer is required. It can be applied as one-coat to fill the pores and ease cleaning or as multi-coat
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Premium high gloss emulsion specially designed to coat stone, terrazzo, unglazed ceramic floors and marble. The product delivers excellent adhesion on most stone types, therefore no additional sealer is required. It can be applied as one-coat to fill the pores and ease cleaning or as multi-coat application for additional gloss and appearance. 
  • Delivers a warm gloss, protective layer
  • Traffic resistant
  • Non-yellowing formula
  • Excellent adhesion on stone floors
  • Slip resistant according to international standards (ASTM D-2047)

  • Protects your floor investment against traffic abuses and eases cleaning
  • Specially resistant against scuff and black heel marks
  • Does not yellow under UV-light and delivers a uniform appearance
  • Guarantees safety for your employees, patients and customers
  • Can be used directly on the floor as pore filler, as sealer to apply additional coats of a different gloss floor emulsion or as multi-coat system for a high gloss, traffic resistant coating

  • Delivers a warm gloss, protective layer
  • Traffic resistant
  • Non-yellowing formula
  • Excellent adhesion on stone floors
  • Slip resistant according to international standards (ASTM D-2047)

Protects your floor investment against traffic abuses and eases cleaning. Specially resistant against scuff and black heel marks. Does not yellow under UV-light and delivers a uniform appearance. Guarantees safety for your employees, patients and customers. Can be used directly on the floor as pore filler, as sealer to apply additional coats of a different gloss floor emulsion or as multi-coat system for a high gloss, traffic resistant coating.
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