TASKI Jontec Matt F2f 2x5L - Matt floor finish emulsion

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Low gloss floor emulsion for most types of smooth and water resistant hard floors. The low gloss appearance prevents from “optical slipperiness” and the product provides also good resistance to alcohol and disinfectants to make it suitable for a healthcare environment. It ensures reduced maintenance
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Low gloss floor emulsion for most types of smooth and water resistant hard floors. The low gloss appearance prevents from “optical slipperiness” and the product provides also good resistance to alcohol and disinfectants to make it suitable for a healthcare environment. It ensures reduced maintenance costs to improve productivity. Suitable for application with traditional methods as well as with TASKI ProSpeed. TASKI ProSpeed is an easy to use, ergonomic floor finish applicator that will provide a superior quality of the floor finish layer and improve the productivity of applying the floor finish while reducing chemical consumption and packaging waste. Through TASKI ProSpeed, the product consumption can be controlled while providing a uniform top quality layer of floor finish. 
  • Provides a silk-like, protective layer
  • Hard, durable and wear resistant protection
  • Excellent adhesion to most floor types
  • Slip resistant according to international standards (ASTM D-2047)
  • Easy to repair

  • Enhances the natural appearance of the floor by providing a silk like gloss finish
  • Superior resistance to scuff marks and dirt, even under heavy traffic
  • Suitable for most types of floors such as vinyl, synthetic, linoleum, stone, sealed

    wood and cork floors. Spreads evenly for perfect levelling
  • Guaranteed slip fall prevention and safety for your employees and customers
  • Responds to most common maintenance methods
  • Suitable for traditional applications with a flat mop, mop and bucket or standard

    polish applicators
  • To ensure superior results, choose the application with the ProSpeed floor finish applicator tool which is proven to reduce the operator’s fatigue against traditional application methods while improving results and productivity

  • Provides a silk-like, protective layer
  • Hard, durable and wear resistant protection
  • Excellent adhesion to most floor types
  • Slip resistant according to international standards (ASTM D-2047)
  • Easy to repair

Enhances the natural appearance of the floor by providing a silk like gloss finish. Superior resistance to scuff marks and dirt, even under heavy traffic. Suitable for most types of floors such as vinyl, synthetic, linoleum, stone, sealedwood and cork floors. Spreads evenly for perfect levelling. Guaranteed slip fall prevention and safety for your employees and customers. Responds to most common maintenance methods. Suitable for traditional applications with a flat mop, mop and bucket or standardpolish applicators. To ensure superior results, choose the application with the ProSpeed floor finish applicator tool which is proven to reduce the operator’s fatigue against traditional application methods while improving results and productivity.
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