TASKI Jontec Forward F4h 2x5L - Alkaline floor cleaner, low foam

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Heavy duty, alkaline floor cleaner specifically developed for use in scrubber driers. Its low foaming formula removes heavy soil, dirt and grease from all water resistant, non protected hard floors (except unsealed wood). Also ideal for top stripping.      Effective combination of surfactants and
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Heavy duty, alkaline floor cleaner specifically developed for use in scrubber driers. Its low foaming formula removes heavy soil, dirt and grease from all water resistant, non protected hard floors (except unsealed wood). Also ideal for top stripping. 
  • Effective combination of surfactants and alkaline chemicals
  • Low foaming, fast acting, good emulsifying power
  • Versatile application
  • Formulated to prepare floors for top coating
  • Fresh fragrance

  • Very good cleaning performance on all types of water resistant hard floors
  • Effectively cleans and removes dirt, grease and maintenance product buildup
  • Ideal for use in scrubber driers, single disc machines and wet mopping systems
  • Excellent top stripper, enables better adhesion of additional coats
  • Leaves a pleasant, fresh odour

  • Effective combination of surfactants and alkaline chemicals
  • Low foaming, fast acting, good emulsifying power
  • Versatile application
  • Formulated to prepare floors for top coating
  • Fresh fragrance

Very good cleaning performance on all types of water resistant hard floors. Effectively cleans and removes dirt, grease and maintenance product buildup. Ideal for use in scrubber driers, single disc machines and wet mopping systems. Excellent top stripper, enables better adhesion of additional coats. Leaves a pleasant, fresh odour.
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