Soft Care Wash H2 2x5L - Mild handwash

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Soft Care Wash is an ultra-mild, hypoallergenic hand, hair and body washing liquid. Soft Care Wash has been specifically developed for sensitive skin. It is free of irritants, allergens and other unwanted substances. This eco-certified product is suitable for use in all areas, but especially in
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Soft Care Wash is an ultra-mild, hypoallergenic hand, hair and body washing liquid. Soft Care Wash has been specifically developed for sensitive skin. It is free of irritants, allergens and other unwanted substances. This eco-certified product is suitable for use in all areas, but especially in healthcare, leisure and food service. 
  • Excellent for cleaning hands, body and hair
  • Surfactant system effectively removes dirt and grease
  • Ultra mild profile with moisturisers to promote safe & healthy skin
  • Fulfills the criteria of the Nordic Ecolabel scheme
  • Skin compatibility tested (Patch test)
  • Hypoallergenic; endorsed by Nordic Asthma & Allergy Foundation
  • Dye-free
  • Does not contain fragrance thus eliminating the risk of tainting food
  • Free from undesirable ingredients such as Cocamide DEA, parabens and phosphates
  • Easy to rinse

  • Effective cleaning from top to toe: hands, body and hair
  • Healthy skin even with frequent washing
  • Safe for use in food service, food preparation and healthcare environments
  • Proven skin compatibility and best possible safety profile for increased user acceptance

  • Excellent for cleaning hands, body and hair
  • Surfactant system effectively removes dirt and grease
  • Ultra mild profile with moisturisers to promote safe & healthy skin
  • Fulfills the criteria of the Nordic Ecolabel scheme
  • Skin compatibility tested (Patch test)
  • Hypoallergenic; endorsed by Nordic Asthma & Allergy Foundation
  • Dye-free
  • Does not contain fragrance thus eliminating the risk of tainting food
  • Free from undesirable ingredients such as Cocamide DEA, parabens and phosphates
  • Easy to rinse

Effective cleaning from top to toe: hands, body and hair. Healthy skin even with frequent washing. Safe for use in food service, food preparation and healthcare environments. Proven skin compatibility and best possible safety profile for increased user acceptance.
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