Soft Care Dove Cream Wash 6x0.8L - Handwashing Cream

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Soft Care Dove Cream Wash is very mild hand washing cream. This top quality product is especially suitable for hotel bathrooms, restaurants and shower rooms in sports clubs, leisure facilities or wellness areas.     Soft Care Dove Cream Wash is based on a mild surfactant blend and skin care
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Soft Care Dove Cream Wash is very mild hand washing cream. This top quality product is especially suitable for hotel bathrooms, restaurants and shower rooms in sports clubs, leisure facilities or wellness areas. 
 Soft Care Dove Cream Wash is based on a mild surfactant blend and skin care ingredients. The smart surfactant system ensures a unique combination of soil removal with superior mildness. The product has been formulated with lactate and amino acids, providing mildness to skin and therefore preventing dryness and skin irritation. In addition it contains moisturisers which have skin care effects. This blend of skin care ingredients (1/4 of product is moisturising cream) ensures that the skin feels really soft and supple even after frequent use of the product. In addition the product is fragranced with an excellent perfume and produces plenty of lather. The high quality brand image of Dove will ensure confidence at the user and will enhance the quality image of your establishment. Soft Care Dove Cream Wash can be used in hotel bathrooms, restaurants and shower rooms of sports clubs, leisure facilities or wellness areas. 

  • A brand well-known and trusted by your guests, thus enhancing the perception of your establishment
  • Very mild on skin
  • Contains moisturising cream
  • Forms smooth lather
  • Excellent sensory properties
  • Pleasantly perfumed
  • pH-neutral

Soft Care Dove Cream Wash is based on a mild surfactant blend and skin care ingredients. The smart surfactant system ensures a unique combination of soil removal with superior mildness. The product has been formulated with lactate and amino acids, providing mildness to skin and therefore preventing dryness and skin irritation. In addition it contains moisturisers which have skin care effects. This blend of skin care ingredients (1/4 of product is moisturising cream) ensures that the skin feels really soft and supple even after frequent use of the product. In addition the product is fragranced with an excellent perfume and produces plenty of lather. The high quality brand image of Dove will ensure confidence at the user and will enhance the quality image of your establishment. Soft Care Dove Cream Wash can be used in hotel bathrooms, restaurants and shower rooms of sports clubs, leisure facilities or wellness areas.

A brand well-known and trusted by your guests, thus enhancing the esteemof your establishment. Excellent sensory properties. Very mild on skin. Suitable for frequent handwashing. Forms smooth lather. Pleasantly perfumed. Contains moisturising cream. Skin compatibility tested (Patch test).
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