Clax Proof 72A1 1x20L - Waterproofing liquid for personal wear

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Clax Proof is a textile-finishing agent specially formulated for use in commercial and on premise laundries. This product is suitable for (re)finishing water repellent theatre linen, rain coats, sportswear and protective clothing in general.     Clax Proof is an effective waterproofing liquid based
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Clax Proof is a textile-finishing agent specially formulated for use in commercial and on premise laundries. This product is suitable for (re)finishing water repellent theatre linen, rain coats, sportswear and protective clothing in general. 
 Clax Proof is an effective waterproofing liquid based on fluorcompounds. This product has been developed as finishing agent for articles made of synthetic and mixed fibres, such as water repellent theatre linen, raincoats, sportswear and protective clothing. After treatment, penetration of soil into fibres will be severely limited and consequently soil can be easily wiped off or rinsed off. Clax Proof can either be applied via a normal wash process or by using a 2-step spray-on method. 

  • Excellent waterproofing of personal wear and theatre linen
  • Applicable via normal wash process or via spray-on method

Clax Proof is an effective waterproofing liquid based on fluorcompounds. This product has been developed as finishing agent for articles made of synthetic and mixed fibres, such as water repellent theatre linen, raincoats, sportswear and protective clothing. After treatment, penetration of soil into fibres will be severely limited and consequently soil can be easily wiped off or rinsed off. Clax Proof can either be applied via a normal wash process or by using a 2-step spray-on method.

Excellent waterproofing of personal wear and theatre linen. Applicable via normal wash process or via spray-on method.
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