Clax Perfect 71A1 1x20L - Natural liquid starch

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Clax Perfect is a high quality rice based liquid starch. This product can be applied on cotton and polyester material, including VISA.     Clax Perfect is a well-preserved, high quality rice based liquid starch. It has a small particle size, and consequently particles can penetrate well into the
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Clax Perfect is a high quality rice based liquid starch. This product can be applied on cotton and polyester material, including VISA. 
 Clax Perfect is a well-preserved, high quality rice based liquid starch. It has a small particle size, and consequently particles can penetrate well into the fabric, depositing in and around fibres. Rice starch contains a high proportion of amylopectin (relative to amylose) and therefore has high cohesiveness and forms good films. The rice starch film on the fibres will act as a protective layer, thus restricting penetration of soil into the fibres. In this way starch will also function as a soil release agent, when dissolving in the next wash. Please note that for good starching, the fabric should contain sufficient residual moisture and the right temperature and pressure should be applied. Clax Perfect can be used for starching cotton bed sheets and table linen and polyester (VISA) table linen. 

  • Excellent starching of cotton and polyester (VISA)
  • Has soil release properties

Clax Perfect is a well-preserved, high quality rice based liquid starch. It has a small particle size, and consequently particles can penetrate well into the fabric, depositing in and around fibres. Rice starch contains a high proportion of amylopectin (relative to amylose) and therefore has high cohesiveness and forms good films. The rice starch film on the fibres will act as a protective layer, thus restricting penetration of soil into the fibres. In this way starch will also function as a soil release agent, when dissolving in the next wash. Please note that for good starching, the fabric should contain sufficient residual moisture and the right temperature and pressure should be applied. Clax Perfect can be used for starching cotton bed sheets and table linen and polyester (VISA) table linen.

Excellent starching of cotton and polyester (VISA). Has soil release properties.
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