Clax Soft Sensitive Pur-Eco 52A1 1x20L - Fabric Softener without perfume and dye, eco-certified

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Clax Soft sensitive Pur-Eco is an eco-certified fabric softening liquid specially formulated for use in commercial and on premise laundries. The product is suitable for application on most types of fabric and can be manually or auto-dosed.     Clax Soft sensitive Pur-Eco is a fabric conditioner
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Clax Soft sensitive Pur-Eco is an eco-certified fabric softening liquid specially formulated for use in commercial and on premise laundries. The product is suitable for application on most types of fabric and can be manually or auto-dosed. 
 Clax Soft sensitive Pur-Eco is a fabric conditioner based on biodegradable cationics and quaternary ammonium salts. In the wash solution, these positively charged cationics, adsorb to the negatively charged surface of fabrics. Once adsorbed onto fabric the cationic has a lubricating effect. During the drying process, this prevents interlocking of individual fibres and build-up of static electricity (especially on synthetic fibres). In addition lubrication facilitates ironing/calendering. The product is eco-certified and has been formulated without fragrance and dye, thus having less impact on the environment. Clax Soft sensitive Pur-Eco can be used for most types of fabrics, but is particularly effective on bulked or textured fabrics such as towels. It also imparts a smooth, silky feel on woven or flat knitted fabric. 

  • Good softening of many types of fabric (towels, sheets, wool, delicate articles etc)
  • Prevents build-up of static electricity on synthetic fabrics
  • Is based on biodegradable raw materials
  • Eco-certified product

Clax Soft sensitive Pur-Eco is a fabric conditioner based on biodegradable cationics and quaternary ammonium salts. In the wash solution, these positively charged cationics, adsorb to the negatively charged surface of fabrics. Once adsorbed onto fabric the cationic has a lubricating effect. During the drying process, this prevents interlocking of individual fibres and build-up of static electricity (especially on synthetic fibres). In addition lubrication facilitates ironing/calendering. The product is eco-certified and has been formulated without fragrance and dye, thus having less impact on the environment. Clax Soft sensitive Pur-Eco can be used for most types of fabrics, but is particularly effective on bulked or textured fabrics such as towels. It also imparts a smooth, silky feel on woven or flat knitted fabric.

Good softening of many types of fabric (towels, sheets, wool, delicate articles etc). Prevents build-up of static electricity on synthetic fabrics. Is based on biodegradable raw materials. Eco-certified product.
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