Clax Revoflow OXI Pur-Eco 43X3 3x4kg - Bleach - medium temp - oxygen - for coloured linen - eco-certified

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Clax Revoflow OXI Pur-Eco is an eco-certified highly concentrated medium temperature activated oxygen bleach, specially formulated for use in professional laundries. The product should be used in the Revoflow dosing system to ensure a trouble free, safe operation.     Clax Revoflow OXI Pur-Eco is an
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Clax Revoflow OXI Pur-Eco is an eco-certified highly concentrated medium temperature activated oxygen bleach, specially formulated for use in professional laundries. The product should be used in the Revoflow dosing system to ensure a trouble free, safe operation. 
 Clax Revoflow OXI Pur-Eco is an eco-certified highly concentrated oxygen bleach powder. This product is ideal to reach high bleach performance at medium temperatures (40°C – 60°C) and higher. This will result in cost savings due to the advantage of washing at lower temperatures. The product is intended to be used next to the other Clax Revoflow products to enhance bleach performance. Clax Revoflow OXI Pur-Eco can also be used in the final rinse to neutralise residual chlorine in case Clax Revoflow CLOR is used in the main wash. 

  • Excellent bleach/destainer for all types of fabric, including coloured fabrics
  • High bleach performance and hygiene at low to medium temperature
  • Highly concentrated powder minimizing the impact on the environment
  • Can be dosed through the innovative Clax Revoflow system
  • Results in minimal fabric damage when used according to instructions
  • Eco-certified product compliant with Nordic SWAN

Clax Revoflow OXI Pur-Eco is an eco-certified highly concentrated oxygen bleach powder. This product is ideal to reach high bleach performance at medium temperatures (40°C – 60°C) and higher. This will result in cost savings due to the advantage of washing at lower temperatures. The product is intended to be used next to the other Clax Revoflow products to enhance bleach performance. Clax Revoflow OXI Pur-Eco can also be used in the final rinse to neutralise residual chlorine in case Clax Revoflow CLOR is used in the main wash.

Excellent bleach/destainer for all types of fabric, including coloured fabrics. High bleach performance and hygiene at low to medium temperature. Highly concentrated powder minimizing the impact on the environment. Can be dosed through the innovative Clax Revoflow system. Results in minimal fabric damage when used according to instructions. Eco-certified product compliant with Nordic SWAN.
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