Clax Microwash forte Pur-Eco 32B1 1x9kg - Detergent – microfibres, eco-certified

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Clax Microwash forte Pur-Eco is a complete mainwash detergent specially formulated for use in commercial and on premise laundries. The product has been developed for specifically washing microfibre cloths and can be applied at medium to hard water.     Clax Microwash forte Pur-Eco effectively washes
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Clax Microwash forte Pur-Eco is a complete mainwash detergent specially formulated for use in commercial and on premise laundries. The product has been developed for specifically washing microfibre cloths and can be applied at medium to hard water. 
 Clax Microwash forte Pur-Eco effectively washes microfibre articles such as cleaning cloths and mops whilst keeping the microfibre structure of the cloth and thus the cleaning performance of the cloths in good condition. The ingredients in Clax Microwash forte Pur-Eco have been chosen in such a way that it fulfils the demands of the manufacturers of the microfibre material. Clax Microwash forte Pur-Eco can also be used for coloured articles as it does not contain any bleach. Clax Microwash forte Pur-Eco is an enzymatic detergent powder, based on effective surfactants, water hardness sequestrants, anti-greying and anti-corrosion agents. The well-balanced surfactant blend results in excellent fatty/oily and particulate soil removal and dispersion of soil components. The phosphate based building system ensures low water hardness ion concentration and consequently prevents precipitation of detergent components. Phosphates also function as anti-greying agents by keeping soil particles in suspension (prevents redeposition). In addition other ingredients with anti-redeposition properties have been included in the product. 

  • Does not affect the performance of microfibres
  • Excellent performance on a wide range of stains and types of soil
  • Prevents greying of linen; stabilisation of soil particles in the wash liquor
  • Suitable for hard water areas

Clax Microwash forte Pur-Eco effectively washes microfibre articles such as cleaning cloths and mops whilst keeping the microfibre structure of the cloth and thus the cleaning performance of the cloths in good condition. The ingredients in Clax Microwash forte Pur-Eco have been chosen in such a way that it fulfils the demands of the manufacturers of the microfibre material. Clax Microwash forte Pur-Eco can also be used for coloured articles as it does not contain any bleach. Clax Microwash forte Pur-Eco is an enzymatic detergent powder, based on effective surfactants, water hardness sequestrants, anti-greying and anti-corrosion agents. The well-balanced surfactant blend results in excellent fatty/oily and particulate soil removal and dispersion of soil components. The phosphate based building system ensures low water hardness ion concentration and consequently prevents precipitation of detergent components. Phosphates also function as anti-greying agents by keeping soil particles in suspension (prevents redeposition). In addition other ingredients with anti-redeposition properties have been included in the product.

Keeps performance of microfibres in excellent shape. Excellent performance on a wide range of stains and types of soil. Prevents greying: stabilisation of soil particles in the wash liquor. Suitable for hard water areas. Eco-certified product.
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