Clax Delta Pur-Eco 11A2 1x20L - Highly concentrated combination detergent - eco-certified

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Clax Delta Pur-Eco is a highly concentrated liquid alkali combination detergent, based on a mixture of alkalies, phosphates (water hardness binder), silicates and anti-greying agents, for use in soft water (up to 125 ppm). Clax Delta Pur-Eco is designed for use in professional laundries     Clax
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Clax Delta Pur-Eco is a highly concentrated liquid alkali combination detergent, based on a mixture of alkalies, phosphates (water hardness binder), silicates and anti-greying agents, for use in soft water (up to 125 ppm). Clax Delta Pur-Eco is designed for use in professional laundries 
 Clax Delta Pur-Eco is an effective combination detergent, which is based on a balanced blend of alkali, water hardness sequestring agents, anti-corrosion and antigreying agents. The phosphate based building system ensures low water hardness ion concentration and consequently prevents precipitation of detergent components. In this way phosphate also functions as anti-greying agent by keeping soil particles in suspension (prevents redeposition). In addition to phosphate, other ingredients with anti-redeposition properties have been included in the product. Clax Delta Pur-Eco is also formulated with silicates, which act as anti-corrosion agents and are an additional source of alkalinity. Clax Delta Pur-Eco also contains an antiyellowing agent, which has iron sequestering ability. This product is most commonly applied in conjunction with a surfactant booster at a temperature between 40 - 60 °C. These products combined with bleach offer a powerful system, which can be used for cleaning linen from hospitals and other healthcare establishments. Diversey maintains high standards of human and environmental safety worldwide. Contact our local technical manager or sales representative for any questions or comments on the human and environmental safety profile of Diversey products. 

  • Improves soil removal; especially food (protein) and fat stains on e.g. table and kitchen linen
  • Prevents greying of linen; stabilisation of soil particles in the wash liquor
  • Improves wash performance by affecting soil-fibre interaction (swelling)
  • Avoids yellowing of fabric
  • Prevents corrosion of machine parts

Clax Delta Pur-Eco is an effective combination detergent, which is based on a balanced blend of alkali, water hardness sequestring agents, anti-corrosion and antigreying agents. The phosphate based building system ensures low water hardness ion concentration and consequently prevents precipitation of detergent components. In this way phosphate also functions as anti-greying agent by keeping soil particles in suspension (prevents redeposition). In addition to phosphate, other ingredients with anti-redeposition properties have been included in the product. Clax Delta Pur-Eco is also formulated with silicates, which act as anti-corrosion agents and are an additional source of alkalinity. Clax Delta Pur-Eco also contains an antiyellowing agent, which has iron sequestering ability. This product is most commonly applied in conjunction with a surfactant booster at a temperature between 40 - 60 °C. These products combined with bleach offer a powerful system, which can be used for cleaning linen from hospitals and other healthcare establishments. Diversey maintains high standards of human and environmental safety worldwide. Contact our local technical manager or sales representative for any questions or comments on the human and environmental safety profile of Diversey products.

Improves soil removal: especially food (protein) and fat stains on e.g. table and kitchen linen. Prevents greying of linen: stabilisation of soil particles in the wash liquor. Improves wash performance by affecting soil-fibre interaction (swelling). Avoids yellowing of fabric. Prevents corrosion of machine parts.
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