Deosan HH+ AG514 1x20L - Hoof Hardening Bath

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Deosan HH  is a strong acidified copper nitrate liquid, which dissolves easily with water to produce an efficient hoof bath solution to harden hooves of cattle.     Highly soluble in cold water. Strong acid solution counteracts the impact of ammonia on hooves. Promotes speedy hoof hardening. Free
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Deosan HH  is a strong acidified copper nitrate liquid, which dissolves easily with water to produce an efficient hoof bath solution to harden hooves of cattle. 
 Highly soluble in cold water. Strong acid solution counteracts the impact of ammonia on hooves. Promotes speedy hoof hardening. Free from Formalin and QAC 
 Easy to mix. The copper nitrate is highly soluble ensuring less impact on the environment upon disposal of the bath solution. Acidic solution quickly re builds sulphur bridges improving the strength of the hoof tissue without over hardening. Reinforces the natural ability of the hoof to meet the challenges from the environment. Does not cause discomfort to lame cows walking through the solution. Effective even at low temperatures

Highly soluble in cold water. Strong acid solution counteracts the impact of ammonia on hooves. Promotes speedy hoof hardening. Free from Formalin and QAC

Easy to mix. The copper nitrate is highly soluble ensuring less impact on the environment upon disposal of the bath solution. Acidic solution quickly re builds sulphur bridges improving the strength of the hoof tissue without over hardening. Reinforces the natural ability of the hoof to meet the challenges from the environment. Does not cause discomfort to lame cows walking through the solution. Effective even at low temperatures
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